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These days, there’s a podcast for everything. Podcasts are rich sources of entertainment, education, and culture. They’ll liven up your commute to work or provide you with something to listen to on a plane.

If you’re a traveler, there are plenty of podcasts for you. Hosted by people well familiar with the sensation of wanderlust, they will remind you of why travel is so important.

Here are some of the best, so give them a try!

Let’s Go Together

Let’s Go Together podcast celebrates diversity in all people who travel. It has featured impactful stories, such as the first quadriplegic to climb Machu Picchu. Host Kellee Edwards has explored 50 countries, so she knows what she’s talking about when she comments on the adventures these people have had.

Women On The Road

If you want something more woman-centered, this is the podcast for you! Host Laura Hughes interviews brave women who have chosen to travel alone and make memories in unique places. These women are not the same. They come from all stages of life, but they have one thing in common: the spirit of adventure.

Amateur Traveler

This podcast focuses on giving great detail on popular destinations. It might have featured the place you’re planning on visiting next. With more than 600 episodes, you might feel like you’ve traveled the world if you listen to them all. Host Chris Christensen packs each episode with essential information so that you are prepared to visit your next tourist spot.

JUMP Podcast

It can be a little hard for some people to leave home. Sometimes you need some encouragement to go out and see the world. JUMP Podcast does just that, packed with encouragement. Host Jackie Nourse’s specialty is convincing you so well that you won’t regret leaving your comfort zone, searching for unique new experiences.


What’s life without a good adventure? Listen to these podcasts and find inspiration for your next trip. We have an incredible world, so why miss out on the best parts of it? Listen to these podcasts and have an adventure!