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As you plan vacations, you may come to find that they don’t always promote activity. Unless you’re trekking through trails in National Parks or scuba diving every day, you might not have factored in physical activity when planning your trip. Especially when vacationing in a city, you might be bouncing from restaurant to restaurant, utilizing rideshare services in between. This does not allow for much physical activity. 

If you want to stay active during a city vacation, there are ways to do so without having to complete a workout in the hotel gym. Discover some simple ways to do so below.

Ditch the Rideshare and Walk Instead

One of the magical things about cities is that many attractions are within walking distance of each other. Even if that walk will take about 20 minutes, this gives you a chance to experience all of the shops and restaurants you would have missed on the way if you had instead opted for an Uber or Lyft. You might even come across some cool murals or roadside stands that make for a good photo. Ultimately, walking to your destinations while vacationing in cities helps you get more of a local feel for the location while also giving you exercise. You won’t even realize the workout you’ve had that day until you lay your feet to rest at night.

Join in Local Activities

Just because you’re vacationing in a city doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in some active local culture. City life isn’t reduced to shopping and dining out. Do some research on some activities the city is known for. Especially if it’s a foreign city you are visiting, look into some of the cultural activities you can take part in. How about taking some salsa dancing classes in Spain? What about biking through the streets of Amsterdam? Perhaps you’d fancy a night of line dancing in Austin, Texas. Look into some fun ways you can stay fit on vacation. The chances are that these activities will help you remember the trip even more.

Of course, staying fit on vacation is also coupled with the type of food you are putting in your body. Vacation is a great time to splurge on desserts and other foods you might not typically eat, but make sure to add variety to your meals and eat a balanced diet as much as possible. Staying active and healthy on your city vacation is extremely possible, but it is a choice you have to make. Will you rideshare everywhere and follow a sedentary itinerary? Or will you choose to seek out fun activities that allow you to be on your feet?